Our Summer Camp 2017 offers a variety of super fun and interactive activities for children, with a focus on Chinese learning. The Camps will be taught entirely in Putonghua by native speakers. Children will be immersed in a complete Putonghua environment while learning grammar, painting, music, wushu, drama, and many more.

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Below are the activities for Summer Camp 2017:

Monday to Friday 9.15am-11.45am / 2.30pm-5.00pm

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For children 1.5 to 2.5 years old (parent company optional) it will be a 1 hour fun packed class including songs, circle time, Today is…, introduction, flash cards, sensory games, snack time, story reading and more.

Children 2.5 - 5 years old: vocabulary recognition, songs, games, introductory pinyin, speech practice, pencil/writing exercises, sentence reading, Chinese grammar, Chinese cultural learning, art and painting, Chinese music appreciation, storytelling, wushu, Chinese Dance etc.

Children 6 - 8 years old: Chinese character writing, sentence formation, pinyin, Chinese grammar, speech practice, poem recital, art and painting, Chinese cultural learning, Wushu + Yong Chun 詠春, Chinese Dance etc.

Children 9 - 12 years old: Creative Writing, reading comprehension, Chinese grammar reinforcement, speech practice, Chinese painting, Chinese Dance, Chinese Music, Wushu + Yong Chun 詠春 etc.

General Timetable for 2.5+ children:

(2.5 - 8 years old) 1 hour of Chinese learning + 1.5 hours Chinese Cultural activity (PTH Art, Chinese Dance, Wushu + Yong Chun 詠春, Chinese Music, Poem Recital etc)

(8+ years old) 1.5 hours of Chinese learning + 1 hour Chinese Cultural activity

There will be mini performances and optional outings on alternative Fridays. The site visits will be to Ocean Park, Beach, Shopping Mall and Supermarket, subject to weather conditions. One adult is required to accompany each child under 5 years old. The visits are optional - children can remain in Centre for regular Camp lessons.

Mini performances by children attending week long or more Camps will be held on alternative weeks (Fridays). It will feature what they have learnt that week. More details will be sent out closer to the date of performance.